About Us

About Us

Celebrating The Power Of Storytelling


Our History

Podcast Mingle originated from Podcast School, a unique division of FRQNCY Media Group, a female-founded dynamic network established in 2004. Rooted in the art of storytelling, we’ve been dedicated to crafting platforms through podcasting, radio, TV, and magazines. Our mission is to educate, entertain, and uplift generations of voices, fostering positive change.

Our Vision

Dedicated to uplifting and inspiring audiences, we passionately embrace a diverse range of content. Our commitment resonates with the potent force of positive vibrations, fostering a shared journey of growth and transformation. Join us as we illuminate paths toward empowerment and connection, one engaging story at a time.


Our Brands

At FRQNCY Media Group, we publish inspiring radio + TV hosts, podcasters and authors who use their voices and their life experiences to uplift and transform the vibrations of their cherished audiences. To shine a light on these amazing souls, we provide platforms, training and experiences that resonate deeply with their personal, professional and spiritual quests. Experience firsthand the amplified divine connection we foster, empowering the voices who yearn for enlightenment, nourishment, and profound growth.


Parent Company – Podcasting, Radio, TV + Magazines


Platforms for Women – Networking, Speaking, Radio  + Magazines


Platforms for Women – Networking, Speaking, Radio  + Magazines


Platforms for Women – Networking, Speaking, Radio  + Magazines


Jody Colvard

Jody Colvard, a trailblazer in the podcasting realm since 2004, has significantly impacted the industry through her visionary initiatives. As the founder of FRQNCY Media Group, Podcast School, Voices of Women Media, and Women in Podcasting, she has dedicated her career to creating platforms that amplify diverse voices and share compelling stories.

With a rich background in teaching podcasting, Jody’s expertise has empowered countless individuals to harness the power of their narratives.

Now, she introduces Podcast Mingle—a vibrant community that unites like-minded podcasters and potential guests. This platform serves as a nexus, connecting individuals with the perfect voices to enhance and enrich their podcasts. Jody continues to shape the podcasting landscape, fostering collaboration and amplifying voices that resonate across diverse audiences.



Start Mingling

Elevate your podcasting experience by joining Podcast Mingle, a vibrant community designed to connect creators and guests seamlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster seeking dynamic voices or an enthusiastic guest eager to share your story, Podcast Mingle is the place to be.