Listeners are drawn to genuine conversations that reflect real experiences and diverse viewpoints.

Jody Colvard

In the vast landscape of podcasting, the right voices can transform your content from mere words to a captivating symphony that resonates with your audience.

Crafting a podcast that speaks directly to your listeners requires not only a compelling narrative but also the perfect guests who can enrich your episodes with diverse perspectives and expertise. In this post, we explore the significance of finding the right voices for your audience and how Podcast Mingle can be the game-changer in your quest for impactful collaborations.

The Power of the Right Voices:

Authentic Connections: The voices you bring onto your podcast shape the authenticity of your content. Listeners are drawn to genuine conversations that reflect real experiences and diverse viewpoints.

Engagement and Relevance:

Understanding your audience is key to creating content that resonates. By carefully selecting guests who align with your audience’s interests and concerns, you enhance engagement and relevance, keeping listeners coming back for more.

Educational Value:

Introducing expert voices adds an educational dimension to your podcast. Whether it’s industry insights, expert advice, or thought-provoking discussions, the right guests can elevate your content and position your podcast as a valuable resource.

The Role of Podcast Mingle: Tailored Guest Matching:

Podcast Mingle simplifies the process of finding the right voices for your podcast by offering a sophisticated guest matching system. Input your preferences and criteria, and let the platform connect you with potential guests whose expertise aligns with your content goals.

Diverse Community:

Joining Podcast Mingle opens the door to a diverse community of podcasters and potential guests. Explore profiles, engage in discussions, and discover voices that complement your podcast theme, ensuring a rich and varied listening experience for your audience.

Efficient Networking:

Podcast Mingle’s user-friendly interface streamlines the networking process. Connect with potential guests effortlessly, fostering collaborations that go beyond a single episode and contribute to the growth of your podcast.

How to Leverage Podcast Mingle –  Create Your Profile:

Start by creating a comprehensive profile on Podcast Mingle, highlighting your podcast’s theme, your interests, and the type of guests you’re looking for.

Utilize Guest Matching:

Take advantage of Podcast Mingle’s guest matching system to discover potential collaborators whose expertise aligns seamlessly with your content goals.

Engage in Community Discussions:

Participate in community forums to engage with fellow podcasters and potential guests. Building relationships within the community can lead to meaningful and lasting collaborations.


In the world of podcasting, the right voices can turn a good podcast into an exceptional one. Podcast Mingle serves as the bridge between podcasters and potential guests, providing a platform where connections flourish, and collaborations thrive. Elevate your podcasting journey by finding the voices that resonate with your audience, and let Podcast Mingle be your guide to impactful and enriching collaborations.

About the author

Jody Colvard, the visionary Founder and CEO of FRQNCY MEDIA GROUP, is a transformative alchemist, seamlessly uniting art and technology within vibrant communities. FMG Networks, VOW Media, Podcast School, and Women in Podcasting – ventures that amplify the chorus of women's voices, ideas, and stories. Spanning over two decades, Jody's journey intertwined with luminaries like Brad Pitt, Richard Branson, and Nelson Mandela's The Sole of Africa. Rooted in a Californian artistic upbringing, her creative spark ignited early, blossoming into murals and dreams, leading her to reside and paint in Hawaii, and ultimately to owning her own physical and trailblazing online gallery in 1994. In the early 2000's, FMG Networks emerged, beckoning women entrepreneurs to forge their digital destiny. Jody's exploration of Podcasting and Blogging in 2004 uncovered transformative tools for sharing women's voices, which she tirelessly taught across the globe, including in China. Jody's resolute mission found its essence in 2005 with Women in Podcasting, and evolved into a transformative force in 2017 with the birth of Voices of Women Media (VOW Media), where socially conscious, empowered women co-create a vibrant world. VOW spans from online radio to business development, weaving an expansive tapestry of opportunity. Sharing stages with luminaries such as Mark Victor Hansen, Jody resonates alongside the likes of Michael Beckwith, Barbara De Angelis, Brendon Burchard, and more. A trailblazer in internet marketing and new media, Jody distilled wisdom into the acclaimed "Be A Show Host" book and program. Her work polishes aspiring hosts, empowering them with professionalism and profitability. A catalyst for social causes, she championed the Make a Wish Foundation—playing a vital role in fulfilling a young boy's dream alongside Ron Howard of Imagine Entertainment and Robin Williams. With fervor, she fundraised for the Scleroderma Society and American Cancer Association, dedicating her time and resources to make a meaningful impact on the world. Based in Northern California, Jody enjoys life with partner Declan, her cherished dogs Shelley and Shadoe, her grown sons living nearby, and her creative spirit. Painting, healing, and global empowerment remain her guiding stars, as she fuels the symphony of women's voices in an ever-evolving journey.

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